YoYo Water Balloons

The YoYo Balloon is a small water and air-filled balloon made of thick latex material. Unlike a regular balloon, the YoYo Balloon is stronger and can stay inflated for up to 1-2 weeks. Our patented clipping technology is what gives the YoYo Balloon its strength.

Attach a rubber band, slip it on your finger and give it a push! Unlike an ordinary yoyo, the YoYo Balloon is GUARANTEED to COME BACK! It can be inflated up to the size of a baseball (3” in diameter) and comes in many attractive colors--Standard, Metallic, Pastel, and Cool. There are even Smiley and Alien YoYo's!

For smaller parties, check out the YoYo Party Pack link that includes 20 of the Standard colors, bands, clips, fixture and pump--everything you need for fun!

Go to the Pump & Accessories link for additional equipment to add! (Look up the BULK quantities if you don't need Fixtures or Pumps.)