Larry's gives you all types of water balloons to buy online!

Check out our great selection of water balloons for all of your group activities! Buy 3" Water Balloons, 4" Water Balloons, or YoYo Balloons. Competitive prices on water balloons in bulk---BUY NOW!

  • 3-Inch Water Bombs: 100/200/1,000 count
  • 4-inch Cherry Bombs: 100/500/1,000 count
  • 4-inch Groovy Soakers: 100/500/1,000 count
  • 4-inch Neon Water Bombs: 100/500/1,000 count
  • 4-inch Water Grenades: 100 count -- LIMITED INVENTORY (No longer manufactured)
  • 4-inch Splash Baseball: 36 count -- SOLD OUT! (No longer manufactured)
  • 4 Styles of YO-YO water balloons: "Standard", "Metallic", "Pastel", or "Cool". 100/500/1,000 count

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